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cybercare security for individuals in th

Are you an individual or micro-business worried about compromised cyber security of your electronic devices?


We offer advice and training to those who are experiencing a cyber threats themselves and/or a 'home to business' networks vulnerability.

For Individuals



As experts in detection and protection from cyber threats or intrusions into your devices, online identity and home to business networks, we offer personalised consultancy, detection and training to include:  


  • Protecting your online identity

  • Protecting your Apple ID and Microsoft Identity

  • Using iCloud or other Cloud servers safely

  • Protecting your devices

  • Protecting your email accounts

  • Protecting your social media accounts

  • Using safe browsers and VPNs

  • Securing your router and wi fi networks

  • Password management

  • Advising on signs of hacking, safe back up, updates and ongoing support

We provide a personalised report to advise you of any vulnerabilities that are identified and, recommendations for protecting yourself in the future.



Home visit consultation

We now offer 'Home Visit Consultation' and in this arranged session we can problem-solve your cyber abuse issues 


From - £450.00

Smart Home



Cybersecurity Assessment Service for Smart Home

  • Identify vulnerabilities and threats to the smart home, including the value and importance of your data and critical assets.


  • Analyse the cyber threats in your smart home. Assess your current cyber security position by identifying gaps between where your Smart Home is now and what steps are needed to protect your Smart Home from cyber attack. 


  • This can include an evaluation of your existing security measures and your current cost for security-related expenses . 


  • A bespoke comprehensive report includes the analysis and evaluation as  above. The recommendations in the report will enable you to build resilience in your Smart Home to withstand cyber attacks in the future, using counter-measures controls.

  • We work closely with you to identify cost-effective solutions and maximize your ROI (Return on Investment).


  • Recommendation of a concrete cybersecurity roadmap to sustain cyber security  assurance of your smart home. This includes traceability and accountability to achieve transparency offering maintenance and support.

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