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cybercare trust for security for you and


Our vision is to help individuals and families requiring support including those in financial hardship


Since 2016, CyberCare has supported over 600 individual clients and their families combat cyber abuse, often in the context of domestic abuse or violence. 


CyberCare has trained over 200 students and graduates to specialise in this area using CyberCare training and toolkits. 


CyberCare teams are multidisciplinary with skills in CyberSecurity and Cyber Forensics, Criminology and Psychology, Mathematics and Data analysis. 


CyberCare works with referral partners such as VAWG- violence against women and girls, police, local councils, community groups and charities, family lawyers and universities.


In 2018, CyberCare Foundation, a un-incorporated charitable organisation was founded to develop a sustainable funding stream to support the charitable services, such as Clinics and Workshops for the users of social housing and other not for profit referral services. This is now being relaunched. 


Current  activities are around developing funding applications, registration as an incorporated charity and working with charity development and legal specialists.


Our current aim is to develop the Trustee Board to include new, diverse and engaged trustees with a wide range of specific professional skills. 

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